SPF Eliōdrops 30 Glow
SPF Eliōdrops 30 Glow
Lira Clinical

SPF Eliōdrops 30 Glow

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Lira Clinical's uniquely concentrated, SPF EliōDrops 30 Glow provides a modernized, waterless guard against blue light/tech–related fine lines, sun damage, and oxidative stress. It protects the skin barrier from UVA/UVB/HEV with SPF 30, age–defying BV-OSC, and brightening MASQ-tech™ renewing healthy skin’s bright, beautiful glow!

This concentrated SPF daily moisturizer is your finishing step for any daily home care routine. Applying 3–4 drops all over the facial area will offer broad spectrum SPF 30 protection all day. 

SPF EliōDrops 30 Glow can be worn by itself as a natural, healthy finish with light color coverage. The universal, breathable hydration can be worn for any skin type including hypersensitive and compromised skin.


  • Reef safe, broad spectrum, physical SPF protection against UVA/UVB/HEV with 16% zinc oxide
  • Protects skin against high–tech/blue light exposure, UVA/UVB/HEV damage, and environmental stress
  • Concentrated moisturizing serum with smart tech, anhydrous (waterless) delivery for a more sustainable footprint on the environment
  • Supports skin barrier protection with a breathable, hydrating lattice of moisture
  • All skin types benefit from the lightweight application with color coverage
  • Engage skin in this modernized daily skin defense protecting, brightening, and nourishing with just a few drops

Size: 1 oz


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